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PN2350 | Controller for HDEV6-Driver stages

PN2350 HDEV6-Controller

PN2350 HDEV6-Controller

Key data:

  • Controller for control and parameterization of up to 24 HDEV6 driver stages PN2351
  • Ethernet interface for controlling the entire system by means of VSGControl2 software
  • Isolated RS485 interface for controlling the load power supplies
  • Communication with PN2351 power amplifiers via LVDS high-speed serial interface
  • 3 integrated pulse train generators for controlling up to 3 valve control units (VSGs) a 8 output stages (GN075-00-012)

Technical data:

  • Pulse train T1...T3: 100us to 999900us, step size 100us, accuracy 1us
  • Supply voltage 11.5 - 12.5V / max. 0.5A / max. 6W
  • Dimension: 3U x 04TE x 300mm

Further information can be found in the manual of the module
(Download only possible after user registration).

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