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Our range of hardware development services

  • Contract development of individual hardware solutions.
  • Analog and digital circuit design.
  • Schematic design and PCB unbundling or layout creation with EAGLE.
  • Intel (Altera) CPLD and FPGA design in VHDL with QUARTUS software.
  • 8/32-bit microcontrollers: 8051, ARM Cortex M3 / M4, AVR, etc.
  • Ethernet, Bluetooth und USB Integration.
  • RS232/RS485 - Solutions.
  • EVM-compliant circuit and device design.

Eagle circuit diagram module

Eagle Schaltplan-Modul

Eagle Layout-Module

Eagle Layout-Modul

Intel (Altera) Quartus-Software

Intel Quartus-Software

Quartus VHDL


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